Our Story

Founded by sales and entertainment professional Justin U. Chukumba, Enjiko is a New York-based premier talent management firm. The name "Enjiko" comes from the combination of the words "Envision" and "Njiko", which is an Igbo language word from Nigeria meaning "to connect" or "connection". We work with upcoming, as well as already established artists, creatives, and visionaries to promote and advance their unique narratives. Our talent base consists of authors, musicians, entrepreneurs, performers and on-air personalities who rely on Enjiko's first hand knowledge and connections within the business and entertainment industries to identify synergies and opportunities for partnerships, collaborations, and brand advancement.


Our Mission

As the name "Enjiko" implies, our mission is to help our clients envision and achieve the full potential of their talent and brand. We want to serve as the connection -- the bridge or gateway -- through which our clients can advance their own goals and further expand their reach and impact. Through Enjiko's expansive network of professional contacts in both the business and entertainment spaces, we are able to uncover relevant and engaging opportunities for our talent and build customized strategies for them to not only meet, but far exceed their personal and professional goals.